What is GamesFest?

A one day tabletop gaming convention based in Hertfordshire that aims to introduce new tabletop games alongside some well loved classics in an informal atmosphere. Our events continue to gather fans and plaudits as we cross beams and encompass war gaming, RPG's, board games, comics and much more. We are now firmly established in the annual convention calendar providing a platform for new entrants and a great day out for all those attending. So come along participate and try something new.

This year there will be tournaments for both WH40K and Guild Ball. 5 DM’s running some fantastic adventures for D&D. Authors, comics, card games, book games, new sci fi skirmish games, medieval stuff, collectables, scenery, RPG accessories, drinking games (possibly beer as well) and some great stuff to buy at large discounts. Not a bad day even if we do say so ourselves. Keep an eye on our great FaceBook page or Twitter feed for the latest news.


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