Advance Tickets on Sale!

Whilst the sun shines it's always good to look forward to months ahead and plan. That's why we're thrilled to put on sale the advance tickets for GamesFest 2017.

This years event will be building on the great success of last years which was our biggest since are return to the convention scene.

Look forward to a great mix of stuff to buy, games to play and friend to make.

This year we're please to reward those who advance purchase with a discounted ticket of only £4. I think by anyones standard thats great value for a one day convention covering board games, RPG's, war games and loads of other stuff.

We've also put up for sale Under 16 tickets at only £2.50 and the even better news is that under 12's will have free entry again (no need for any ticket).

So getting planning and we look forward to seeing you in October.

Mark & Walter

The Day After

There was sun, there were games and gamers, there was even a GamesFest beer. Most important of all was Ollie and his family enjoying the event and for us to raise some money for his cause.

Big thanks to all the DM's, traders, demo dudes, cos players and everyone who came. We really appreciate the support.

Planning is now underway for our main event in October and our plans for expansion in 2018.

See you all soon.

Mark & Walter


The Line-Up

The line-up for the Charity convention is looking AWESOME !

We have Blaggards Game , Dungeons & Dragons x 3 , Rad Hack RPG, Dungeon World RPG , Choose your adventure RPG , Shades of Vengeance RPG , Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader , Warpath and The Walking Dead skirmish games & Tring War Gaming Club running Dragon RAMPANT !

With regards traders we have Dead Universe (comics, collectibles and games), Titan Wargames ( Chaos Dwarves) , Vintage Games and the Toy chief .

The icing on the cake is MODIPHIUS and Esdevium Games are attending to demo and promote/sell. The Troll trader is supplying prizes as well. Hopefully we'll have Shadow War running as well.

The cherry on the icing on the cake is there will be beer from Tring Brewery for sale at The Akeman, Tring at a very competitive price! All proceeds to Ollie's Fund!

See you there on Saturday!

Regards Mark & Walter

The Charity day latest lineup......

Dungeon World – RPG by Stuart McQueen – two sessions

The bustling frontier town of Blackwater; a place of adventure, business, exploration and danger. Where those brave, or foolhardy, enough to take risks can find wealth, power and renown….or notoriety! But people have gone missing! At first it wasn’t noticed, an elf here a dwarf there; the odd human or Halfling just seemed to up and vanish…almost like it was into thin air. But they have been noticed now and all is not right in the bustling town of Blackwater…
The game we will be playing is Dungeon World by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel. A table top role playing game of daring-do, high adventure, magic and combat. You will take on the role of brave, (or not so brave), adventurers exploring the world around them, and in this adventure the town of Blackwater. Will you be noble paladin or cleric striding out against the darkness blessed by your god? A crafty thief lurking in the shadows? A ranger or druid blessed by nature, communing with or even becoming animals? A stalwart fighter or savage barbarian, the rock between your friends and those who would do them harm? Or a wizard controlling the elements and shaping the stuff of raw magic itself? You are these heroes controlling their actions and thoughts, working together to discover wonders, stop the baddies and maybe pick up some treasure on the way!"

Dungeons and Dragons RPG “ Harvest Time”  by James Baxter – two sessions

The adventure begins with the characters camping on the side of a dirt road; they will hear a ruckus further up the road and investigate. They heroes will come upon a paladin (Sir Castor Fairhair) who is beset by a number of scarecrows. After saving him or watching him defeat the monsters he will say there are strange rumours that had reached him about the village of Anniswick.

He will thank the group and tell them they are only about 2 hours from Anniswick and it isn’t safe to camp on the roadside, he also owes them a drink if they helped. The adventurers will continue to Anniswick and discover that there is something not right, they can spend the first day after their arrival looking around town.

The first night the groups’ new friend will have horrendous nightmares and awaken drained, it is the work of a coven of Hags who will try to get the heroes to leave or eventually kill them. Throughout their stay in Anniswick the group will aid in an investigation that is constantly opposed by the locals and this will in turn lead the group to discover that the three main families of the town are headed by three hags that have formed a coven. How they deal with this is down to them though, it is suggested that trying to take on all three at the same time would be a bit beyond their level.

The adventure will ultimately reach a climax against probably the most powerful of the three hags, the original Granny Ethel Greenteeth in her lair, where she will reveal the secret of the village’s female children.

Komorns Death Machine Dungeons and Dragons Rpg by Glenn Cooper 

100 years ago across the war torn Moonshae Isles, a rich and famously powerful artificer from Flamsterd named Zeldalia Komorn appeared. In each of the courts of Ffolk, Elvenkin, Nordlanders and Amnians alike, Zeldalia offered a prize to the first island kingdom to send heroes capable of surviving her deathtrap dungeon.

X Wing Tournament – Nathan Barber and the Dead Universe Gaming Group

Shadow War Armageddon Tournament

A quick swiss style tournament that will be fought in the underhive. Run by Gareth “Major” Howard and John “Waaaggh” Scrivens ftom the Gamesfest Gaming Club.

WH40K Rogue Trader Battle at the Farm demo/participation game from Peter Coogan

Retro gaming at its finest.

Free Play Board Game area

Modiphius Entertainment

Welcome to a whole new world of adventure! Modiphius Entertainment is bringing you a wide range of worlds to explore, including our own terrifying vision of World War Two - Achtung! Cthulhu, a roleplaying setting for Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds. We have re-booted the fantastic sci-fi dieselpunk world of Mutant Chronicles with the 3rd Edition of the roleplaying game and the new edition of the Siege of the Citadel board game, we've turned Paolo Parente's awesome DUST universe in to the new DUST Adventures RPG - fully compatible with the DUST Tactics game! We launched the official RPG for Corvus Belli's Infinity universe, the Thunderbirds co-op board game by Matt Leacock, Airfix Battles, a new introductory wargame, Robert E. Howards CONAN - Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of! and Star Trek Adventures, the 4th edition of this fantastic roleplaying universe. We also have many more games by great creators and studios across the world so come in and have a look around.

Titan Wargames


Tring Brewery will be supplying a Beer for the occasion 

Cosplay – Cosplay Kira , Vanilla Pink and Amber Everiit 

Plus Bring and Buy , raffles , auctions and much , muchmore

Calling all DM's and GM's

The Charity RPG and TTG event is shaping up well. We still need DM's and GM's for day and anyone else who wants to run something and contribute.

Just email us and let us know what your fancy doing.

Kill Team - The Aftermath

Last Sunday saw the first GamesFest Gaming day of the year with an awesome Kill Team Tournament. 

Suffice to say I lost all my battles and the Orks proved to be formidable foes.

None the less it was a great start to the gaming year and we're very much looking forward to our next one.



Tabletop Gaming

For those who haven't seen it look who had a great 2 page article in the latest edition of Tabletop Gaming magazine, that's right us!

So check it out and of course support Tabletop Gaming magazine as our hobby needs a great title like this.

A Big Thank You!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make GamesFest 2016 the biggest and best event yet.

We had a record amount of attendee's partaking in the best gaming can offer. 

We're now going to switch focus to GamesFest 2017, onwards and upwards.

Mark & Walter

X-Wing Tournament Details

Welcome to the X-Wing Tournament at GamesFest 2016. This is the annually run 100 point dogfight for the game of Star Wars X-Wing by Fantasy Flight Games.

This event is rated as Relaxed/Casual/Friendly, and will broadly adhere to the FFG Tournament rules, so is suitable for every kind of X-Wing player. This covers those fresh from the Imperial Academy to battle hardened Veterans.

Prize support is brought to us by Lost Ark Games, hurrah!

Registration is 10.00am and we aim to have the award ceremony around 5.00pm. As there are currently 14 entrants we will be doing a 4 round Swiss style.

Good luck and May the Force be with You!

Tickets on the day!

Of course we're looking forward to welcoming you on the day to try the great games we have lined up, buy from the lovely traders and meet the very interesting special guests.

How much I hear you say, all of this for the great value price of £2.50 each with children under 12 admitted for free.

So roll up, pay and walk in, door's open from 10.00am.

PS - The X-Wing tournament is now sold out!


The Countdown has begun!

With under a month to go to the big day we've been working feverishly to bring the best and most interesting games, traders and special guests in the hobby. 

As ever our endeavour is to introduce new games to the masses and establish ourselves in the convention calender as the go to place to try new stuff.

You'll see on our Whats On page how the line up is shaping up to be.


Summer Time

I know we've not been posting much recently on the site but there's loads of stuff going on our Facebook page and Twitter account. So get yourself there (we're easy enough to find) and we'll be back to full effect after our Summer break with updates for the big day.


Horror Time

Due you like to be scared? Well if you do we have great news as we confirm Master of Horror Peter Mark May to this years GamesFest.

Peter was born in Walton on Thames Surrey England way back in 1968 and still lives nearby in a place you’ve may now of heard of called Hersham. He is the author of Demon, Kumiho, Inheritance [P. M. May], Dark Waters (novella), Hedge End and AZ: Anno Zombie [Samhain].
He also runs Hersham Horror Books publishing anthologies & novellas (editing three himself: Alt-Dead, Alt-Zombie and Fogbound from 5) and has somehow found the time to co-found Karōshi Books with Johnny Mains and Cathy Hurren. 

He’s had short stories published in genre Canadian & US magazines and the UK & US anthologies of horror such as Creature Feature, Watch, the British Fantasy Society’s 40th Anniversary anthology Full Fathom Forty, Alt-Zombie, Fogbound From 5, Nightfalls, Demons & Devilry, Miseria’s Chorale, Western Legends The Bestiarum Vocabulum, Phobophobias and Kneeling in the Silver Light Alchemy Press & Demonology by Lycopolis Press.

Wasteland Justice - Review

Welcome to the first review from Gamesfest!

It’s a board game called “Wasteland Justice” from Madbeard Games


"Wasteland Justice is a tactical board game for 2-4 players. Players choose their drivers for their collection of vehicles and then race their opponents. Vehicles are outfitted with various modifications and deadly weapons all at the discretion of the player.

Players take turns to move their team of vehicles and engage their opponents until there is either one team left with at least one unwrecked vehicle or a player crosses the finish line. The winner being the first player to complete the course, alive, or be the “last team standing."   

There is no second place in this Wasteland ( if there was Rod would have got it). 

The game is set in a Mad Max style future .

For gaming references think Car Wars, Battle Cars, Dark Future and the FF Book Freeway Fighter.

The Gaming Experience

It was gaming night and we had just received a preview copy of WJ.

I let Rod set up the game whilst we waited for Dave to arrive (which was very kind of me) 

Your team in WJ consists of a light medium and Heavy cars with room for mods and the kind of weapons you’d expect in a post-apocalyptic world (its nice to see the AK-47 still in use). 

The drivers of your vehicles come with unique abilities and feature some sweet artwork. 

I put the “Rev” on my Heavy which was, unbeknown, to me a clever move.

So we positioned our  vehicles using the D8/D6 provided.

So we were off – You move using the coloured dice provided which related to each vehicle.

Rod moved first and set off at a pace … A nice touch is that you can shoot before or after moving. 

My light car was the first to be wrecked. However it’s not necessarily the end for a vehicle in WJ. When I rolled its dice next turn a spanner icon would get it up and running. We merrily progressed along until we saw the first elimination line / refresh line coming up. The crowd participation mechanic would kick in, mods would be refreshed as well as ammo. 

We hurtled around the track again , I was a little disgruntled as both my light and medium cars were wrecked and out the game. I was just merrily chugging along in my heavy , but one advantage I did have was my “Rev” driver card – which boosted my movement by 1.

The last lap consisted of myself ramming Rods heavy car using the ram rule which was easy ( you just used your vehicle dice and counted the ram dots and the other player doing the same).

Rod was having his usual bad dice rolls and was getting frustrated with the, again novel , combat dice which allowed you to resolve all the weapons.

Dave was following up the rear and doing his best to machine gun , flame throw the enemy cars offthe road.

Undeterred I passed the finish line with my trusted Heavy , with Rods medium one space behind.


4/5 Dragons

Bearing in mind this was a preview copy the components were of good quality and showed excellent production values. The artwork is of excellent and very evocative. Once we got the hang of the rules and mechanics the game moved quickly. Overall I liked it, it was fast moving and unpredictable (which I guess a post apocalyptic race would be).  Dave called it “ a Good Beer and Pretzels game” whilst Rod liked it, he wanted more destruction (there is no pleasing some people). I look forward to seeing the final version at Gamesfest.  Well done Madbeard Games!

Reviewed by The Dragon , Dave and Rod

Do you like RPG's?

Because we do and we're going to bring a couple of new and exciting ones to GamesFest this year.

First up and straight out of Hong Kong is compelling and interesting The Honour. Based in the fictional setting of Heung Gong and throwing the players into crime, investigating and maybe even the supernatural.

This game is well worth checking out.

Equally intriguing and new is Shadows of Esteren. This is medieval horror inflicted RPG's taking inspiration from Celtic myths. Again worth investigating and showing a great new direction for fantasy.

The Honour

Shadows of Esteren




Advance Entry Tickets - Now on Sale

Our advance tickets are now on sale for the great price of £2.50.

The ticket will gain you entrance into the convention and will allow you to try all our great demo games (not the tourneys) and peruse to your hearts content with our great traders. All children under 12 will be allowed in for free with no ticket required.

The ticket will also gain your exclusive entry to our grand prize draw. As we speak we're harassing gaming companies from around the world to give us some goodies to give away.

Finally advance tickets will give us great insight into the number of attendees on the day which will allow us to plan and manage the demo games ensuring you have the best day possible.


X-Wing Tournament Tickets - Now On Sale

We're pleased to announce that the X-Wing tournament tickets are on sale!

For £5 only you get to test yourself against the best fighter pilots in the galaxy and show them the power of the dark / light (delete where applicable) side.

Your ticket also gains you entrance into the convention itself and you're of course free to try all our demo games at no extra cost.

Last years winner walked off with a Tantive for his troubles suffice to say this years prize will be equally excellent.

Numbers are limited so get purchasing. 

Frostgrave at GamesFest

One very exciting addition to this year's GamesFest will be the fantastic Frostgrave.

For those who have not had the pleasure this fantasy based skirmish game takes place in the grim and decidedly snowy setting of a city called Frostgrave. Wizard driven and old school (in a good way) this game shows what good writing, a great entry price and flexible approach can do. Others take heed!

We will be aiming to run a demo on the day so get ready for some fantasy carnage.