Wasteland Justice - Review

Welcome to the first review from Gamesfest!

It’s a board game called “Wasteland Justice” from Madbeard Games


"Wasteland Justice is a tactical board game for 2-4 players. Players choose their drivers for their collection of vehicles and then race their opponents. Vehicles are outfitted with various modifications and deadly weapons all at the discretion of the player.

Players take turns to move their team of vehicles and engage their opponents until there is either one team left with at least one unwrecked vehicle or a player crosses the finish line. The winner being the first player to complete the course, alive, or be the “last team standing."   

There is no second place in this Wasteland ( if there was Rod would have got it). 

The game is set in a Mad Max style future .

For gaming references think Car Wars, Battle Cars, Dark Future and the FF Book Freeway Fighter.

The Gaming Experience

It was gaming night and we had just received a preview copy of WJ.

I let Rod set up the game whilst we waited for Dave to arrive (which was very kind of me) 

Your team in WJ consists of a light medium and Heavy cars with room for mods and the kind of weapons you’d expect in a post-apocalyptic world (its nice to see the AK-47 still in use). 

The drivers of your vehicles come with unique abilities and feature some sweet artwork. 

I put the “Rev” on my Heavy which was, unbeknown, to me a clever move.

So we positioned our  vehicles using the D8/D6 provided.

So we were off – You move using the coloured dice provided which related to each vehicle.

Rod moved first and set off at a pace … A nice touch is that you can shoot before or after moving. 

My light car was the first to be wrecked. However it’s not necessarily the end for a vehicle in WJ. When I rolled its dice next turn a spanner icon would get it up and running. We merrily progressed along until we saw the first elimination line / refresh line coming up. The crowd participation mechanic would kick in, mods would be refreshed as well as ammo. 

We hurtled around the track again , I was a little disgruntled as both my light and medium cars were wrecked and out the game. I was just merrily chugging along in my heavy , but one advantage I did have was my “Rev” driver card – which boosted my movement by 1.

The last lap consisted of myself ramming Rods heavy car using the ram rule which was easy ( you just used your vehicle dice and counted the ram dots and the other player doing the same).

Rod was having his usual bad dice rolls and was getting frustrated with the, again novel , combat dice which allowed you to resolve all the weapons.

Dave was following up the rear and doing his best to machine gun , flame throw the enemy cars offthe road.

Undeterred I passed the finish line with my trusted Heavy , with Rods medium one space behind.


4/5 Dragons

Bearing in mind this was a preview copy the components were of good quality and showed excellent production values. The artwork is of excellent and very evocative. Once we got the hang of the rules and mechanics the game moved quickly. Overall I liked it, it was fast moving and unpredictable (which I guess a post apocalyptic race would be).  Dave called it “ a Good Beer and Pretzels game” whilst Rod liked it, he wanted more destruction (there is no pleasing some people). I look forward to seeing the final version at Gamesfest.  Well done Madbeard Games!

Reviewed by The Dragon , Dave and Rod