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Dungeon World – RPG by Stuart McQueen – two sessions

The bustling frontier town of Blackwater; a place of adventure, business, exploration and danger. Where those brave, or foolhardy, enough to take risks can find wealth, power and renown….or notoriety! But people have gone missing! At first it wasn’t noticed, an elf here a dwarf there; the odd human or Halfling just seemed to up and vanish…almost like it was into thin air. But they have been noticed now and all is not right in the bustling town of Blackwater…
The game we will be playing is Dungeon World by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel. A table top role playing game of daring-do, high adventure, magic and combat. You will take on the role of brave, (or not so brave), adventurers exploring the world around them, and in this adventure the town of Blackwater. Will you be noble paladin or cleric striding out against the darkness blessed by your god? A crafty thief lurking in the shadows? A ranger or druid blessed by nature, communing with or even becoming animals? A stalwart fighter or savage barbarian, the rock between your friends and those who would do them harm? Or a wizard controlling the elements and shaping the stuff of raw magic itself? You are these heroes controlling their actions and thoughts, working together to discover wonders, stop the baddies and maybe pick up some treasure on the way!"

Dungeons and Dragons RPG “ Harvest Time”  by James Baxter – two sessions

The adventure begins with the characters camping on the side of a dirt road; they will hear a ruckus further up the road and investigate. They heroes will come upon a paladin (Sir Castor Fairhair) who is beset by a number of scarecrows. After saving him or watching him defeat the monsters he will say there are strange rumours that had reached him about the village of Anniswick.

He will thank the group and tell them they are only about 2 hours from Anniswick and it isn’t safe to camp on the roadside, he also owes them a drink if they helped. The adventurers will continue to Anniswick and discover that there is something not right, they can spend the first day after their arrival looking around town.

The first night the groups’ new friend will have horrendous nightmares and awaken drained, it is the work of a coven of Hags who will try to get the heroes to leave or eventually kill them. Throughout their stay in Anniswick the group will aid in an investigation that is constantly opposed by the locals and this will in turn lead the group to discover that the three main families of the town are headed by three hags that have formed a coven. How they deal with this is down to them though, it is suggested that trying to take on all three at the same time would be a bit beyond their level.

The adventure will ultimately reach a climax against probably the most powerful of the three hags, the original Granny Ethel Greenteeth in her lair, where she will reveal the secret of the village’s female children.

Komorns Death Machine Dungeons and Dragons Rpg by Glenn Cooper 

100 years ago across the war torn Moonshae Isles, a rich and famously powerful artificer from Flamsterd named Zeldalia Komorn appeared. In each of the courts of Ffolk, Elvenkin, Nordlanders and Amnians alike, Zeldalia offered a prize to the first island kingdom to send heroes capable of surviving her deathtrap dungeon.

X Wing Tournament – Nathan Barber and the Dead Universe Gaming Group

Shadow War Armageddon Tournament

A quick swiss style tournament that will be fought in the underhive. Run by Gareth “Major” Howard and John “Waaaggh” Scrivens ftom the Gamesfest Gaming Club.

WH40K Rogue Trader Battle at the Farm demo/participation game from Peter Coogan

Retro gaming at its finest.

Free Play Board Game area

Modiphius Entertainment

Welcome to a whole new world of adventure! Modiphius Entertainment is bringing you a wide range of worlds to explore, including our own terrifying vision of World War Two - Achtung! Cthulhu, a roleplaying setting for Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds. We have re-booted the fantastic sci-fi dieselpunk world of Mutant Chronicles with the 3rd Edition of the roleplaying game and the new edition of the Siege of the Citadel board game, we've turned Paolo Parente's awesome DUST universe in to the new DUST Adventures RPG - fully compatible with the DUST Tactics game! We launched the official RPG for Corvus Belli's Infinity universe, the Thunderbirds co-op board game by Matt Leacock, Airfix Battles, a new introductory wargame, Robert E. Howards CONAN - Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of! and Star Trek Adventures, the 4th edition of this fantastic roleplaying universe. We also have many more games by great creators and studios across the world so come in and have a look around.

Titan Wargames


Tring Brewery will be supplying a Beer for the occasion 

Cosplay – Cosplay Kira , Vanilla Pink and Amber Everiit 

Plus Bring and Buy , raffles , auctions and much , muchmore