The Line-Up

The line-up for the Charity convention is looking AWESOME !

We have Blaggards Game , Dungeons & Dragons x 3 , Rad Hack RPG, Dungeon World RPG , Choose your adventure RPG , Shades of Vengeance RPG , Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader , Warpath and The Walking Dead skirmish games & Tring War Gaming Club running Dragon RAMPANT !

With regards traders we have Dead Universe (comics, collectibles and games), Titan Wargames ( Chaos Dwarves) , Vintage Games and the Toy chief .

The icing on the cake is MODIPHIUS and Esdevium Games are attending to demo and promote/sell. The Troll trader is supplying prizes as well. Hopefully we'll have Shadow War running as well.

The cherry on the icing on the cake is there will be beer from Tring Brewery for sale at The Akeman, Tring at a very competitive price! All proceeds to Ollie's Fund!

See you there on Saturday!

Regards Mark & Walter